Power in the Little Things

The little things make all the difference:

Have you ever heard that at all times you’re either helping or hurting, moving one step closer to your dreams or one step further from your dreams? Continue reading “Power in the Little Things”


Get What You Want: Stop Waiting 

What do you want right now? Go create it. Right now. 
You got this. 
If you want money, “success”, a career, or even a person, your desire boils down to a feeling – an emotion that you’re craving and chasing.

Cold today? Create your own warmth. 

Craving love and affection? Create your own. 
I believe in you. You’re creative and inspirational. 

You got this. 


A foreword:
This post and more to come that are under the “Jourg” category (my invented word for journal/blog) will be different than my past posts.
I’m not intending for many people to read it as it’s mostly self-centered.   One of the reasons I’m posting publicly anyway: maybe there’s a person reading that this connects with.  Maybe, somehow, a jourg post could reach someone at the right time and it’s exactly what they need to read.
Additionally, I’m using this as room to practice authenticity in writing, perhaps also to sharpen my skills – please feel absolutely free to provide any feedback.  Advice and personal stories are always welcome – trolls are not.
Without further torment, thank you for reading.

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write with the end in mind

I spoke with an amazing genius mind last week, who gave me advice on improving my writing and content.  He said, “Write with the end in mind, so that your reader can describe your takeaway in 5 seconds or less.”  It’s some of the best advice I’ve gotten.

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Why We Shouldn’t Listen to Our Mothers [Love you Mom!]

Giving hints can be one of life’s best gifts. Apparently, life has been trying to get my attention. Over the last 6 months, I’ve heard “just do it” repeated over and over again.  Every culture has many sayings that we’ve been taught since we were toddlers.  Stop me if these sound familiar: If it sounds too good to be true…. Money is the root… Money can’t buy…. Good things come to those who…. Trust your gut.  Fine, fair enough – for some.  But have you ever stopped to really examine if there’s truth behind every saying?   Continue reading “Why We Shouldn’t Listen to Our Mothers [Love you Mom!]”

Ashley B Cleveland: Definition (About Me in 575 words, aka my first Spring 2015 assignment)

Every semester on the first day of class, something very predictable occurs.  The dreaded “tell me about yourself” conversation where you need to think of something off the top of your head that’s unique and defines who you are as a person.  No pressure.

I hope that by now you know my blogs are open and honest.  My biggest struggle with assignments such as this is how to write anything completely about M.E. First, that’s boring.  Second, who actually cares!?  So, what I would love from you as a reader is any feedback you have.  If you’re a friend or family, do I adequately describe myself or do you feel like I’m missing a major part of my heart (or something you see as a fundamental part of who I am)?  As a reader, what do you care about in “about me” sections?  What do you want to know about a blogger?  Please feel free to give any and all feedback, even anonymously.  **Disclaimer* My professor wanted us to include pets as she feels it unites all cultures.**

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