Why Asking the Hard Questions Will Get You Everything You Want in Life

I’ve been contemplating that maybe a person’s life reflects their values.  The principles you choose to live by impact every minuscule decision you make. A person is free to make any decision, but there’s a double-edge to the sword.  Your decisions are married to their impacts and are simply inseverable. I read an awesome analogy a couple of years ago and it was roughly this: it’s like picking up a stick.  You can pick up one side of it, but there will always be another side at the end of the stick.  So, if you’re eating box mac and cheese for dinner that’s your choice of course – but you’re obliged to the underlying repercussion: perhaps a laziness-in-cooking-and-preparing-meals habit, maybe a poor-health-from-not-choosing-better-options habit.  Maybe being impolite has a consequence that would make you think twice.

The point is: wake up and look around you.  Get out of your own head.  Are you doing what you love?  Are excitement and enthusiasm the first thoughts of your morning when you wake up?  Is your life a reflection of a carefully designed and constructed passion? If these are no’s – why the hell not?! Re-examine your own life.  If it’s not what you truly want, what are you doing to create a better life? Start actions to move you closer every day to your goals, even if those actions are currently small.  If there are patterns that pound your life like 30 foot hurricane waves then please accept the reality that you’re probably doing something wrong.  I know it’s a hard concept to accept for some, but it makes all the difference in moving forward.  Let’s say there’s a typo in an important document that you need to print.  You press print and realize there’s a mistake, so you press print again.  But the typo isn’t fixed – it’s still there!  So you press print again and again and again.  Not complex logic to figure out you’ll keep getting the same typo.  But isn’t that what so many of us are doing in our own lives?  We’re convinced that determination will win; never give up and eventually you’ll claw your way to the top.  If you’re getting the same mistakes, take the time to reprogram your blueprint.  Ask yourself the hard questions and re-examine your perceptions.  So many people can recognize Einstein’s famous quote: “Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.”

My hope is that people will start asking the hard questions.  About government, about our rights, about voting, about health, about health care, about education, about dating, about friendships.  There are things that good people should stand up for, and too often lately I’ve seen good people shut down, stop thinking, and keep quiet.  I’ve become more aware lately that you only get the value out of life that you put into it.  If you want any improvement in your life, what are you doing to help the person next to you?  What value are you contributing to other people?  Start embracing hard questions and I can promise you’ll gain from it.  Like that old cliché: You reap what you sow.

3 thoughts on “Why Asking the Hard Questions Will Get You Everything You Want in Life

  1. The issue I see most often is that there is a yearning for something better and something good to happen in each of our lives. A lot of us hope and pray that something will magically happen to make our lives or our relationships with others, better. However, there is no magic. What has to happen is we have to realize the greatness we seek to occur in our lives tomorrow must be created by the us today. The work we put in today creates the life we will have tomorrow. You can have everything you want in your life if you’re willing to realize that you are the magician of your life. You alone can create the life you desire–but it won’t start until you start making moves towards that goal you have for yourself.

    No one can do it for you. Ask those tough questions of yourself and respond to those questions with action.


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