The Short Version of #alexfromtarget Plot You’ve Been Waiting to Read

Disclaimer: There’s really no good reason you should care about this topic unless you care about what everyone else is talking about. Or… you’re interested in social media virality. 

The overnight virality of #alexfromtarget gained traction not only on Twitter and Youtube, but also on every major media company.


  1. Alex looks like Justin Bieber.
  2. Fan Girls freaked out and he became a meme on SM, among other things.
  3. A tech start-up claimed viral responsibility.
  4. The original tweeters are denying affiliation with the start-up.
  5. Now the whole world is waiting in suspense to see who the real owner of #alexfromtarget is.

Breakr, the tech start-up company, started with an interesting idea: claim ownership of #alexfromtarget and announce one of the “most amazing social media experiments ever.” All for a good purpose of course: “if you can earn the love and respect from a global community such as the ‘Fangirl’ demographic – you can rally them together to drive awareness for any cause even if its to take a random kid from unknown to stardom over night.” It makes sense, considering their company mission is to connect fans with their fandom.

The twist: Alex and Abbie, the original tweeter, are tweeting that they have no connection with Breakr. Additionally, Breakr is being extremely unclear in exactly what relationship it had to the amplification of #alexfromtarget and the two users. They’ve backed down on some of their claims already and clarified that Abbie is not an employee after her tweet:

However it happened, #AlexfromTarget was picked up after @GirlPosts tweeted the picture. The account has almost 5 million followers and the photo received 20,000 shares and 44,000 favorites.

It will be interesting to see how Breakr responds next, but for now, I think it just goes to show that the next Ebola attack will be on social media.

I hope your Wednesday continues to be enlightened,



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