My Marketing Philosophy

I believe language is a beautiful thing, and by wielding its power properly, it opens doors to greater influence.  Even the best people in the world aren’t going to make a difference if their message doesn’t get heard, interpreted accurately, or spread.  Marketing is a tool that enables anyone to be heard.

Marketing is the message that’s sent and social media is the myelin sheath that surrounds the neuron fibers.  I know — neuroscience is super fun!

Let me explain.  Neurons are the things in your brain that transmit information.  Compare it to having a galaxy upstairs that helps you be smart (which might be debatable).  Myelin sheaths are accelerators.  Ever heard of MS?   Multiple Sclerosis is what happens when myelination doesn’t occur correctly or when our body attacks the myelin.  Our brain can’t transmit information quick enough and our entire body suffers.

So, I understand that it’s not a perfect analogy, but social media has enabled instant global communication, and communication is what enables our messages to be effective and influential.  I don’t think using marketing and social media is a question of validity anymore, but application.

I’m starting to think that as professional marketers, we have a moral obligation to spread something cause-worthy — i.e. “use our powers for good.”  We’re trained.  We understand the benefits more than others and how to use them powerfully.

I wonder if some people are depressed by being overwhelmed by our media.  Personally, I want to give more attention and credit to positive news sources who actually report credible news – not just half-made-up stories/opinions.  Consider this: when you’re trying to perform a job well (and perhaps impress a boss), you don’t want to be only whining about problems — you want to be the one also offering solutions.  Are the people getting the most national attention the whiners or the ones with solutions?

With GivingTuesday coming up in less than two weeks, this question especially has been on my mind: Aren’t we, as professional marketers, morally obligated to spread good causes that need our help and support just as a doctor swears to “Do No Harm”?

“A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.”
— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Excellence lies in doing the little things consistently well.


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