About Me

I’ve always been terrified of blogging.  Probably because it involves so much white space just staring blankly, waiting to twist jumbled thoughts into incongruous public declarations.  So here I am.  Awesome.

All sarcasm aside, the things we’re most afraid of (or anxious at least) tend to be the things most worth the risk.

Who am I? I’m a 20’s something in KC just trying to figure life out and make the days of those around me better.

I’m going to school for marketing or something between business, communications and graphic design, or maybe even something to do with computers.  I started school because I was working as a massage therapist and stylist who was bored, unfulfilled, unchallenged, and unsatisfied.  Being a stylist was one of my dreams since I was young, but it didn’t live up to hardly any of my expectations.  So I started digging around in medical majors, seriously anything from physical therapy to neurology.  I absolutely love science, the human body, health and nutrition… biochemistry even, but nothing quite fit.

I quit my job, switched majors, moved what feels like a million times, and invested into starting my own business.  What was the most stressful part of all that?  Starting this blog.

Starting this blog.

Just kidding 🙂

I actually fell in love with writing before I ever loved cosmetology or massage therapy. I’m pretty confident that I started writing before 4th grade.  I’ve never produced any work, but I think there’s a seed in the back of my mind that would be delighted to make an impact in the world using my writing.  I love linguistics and I hope I can further develop my skills.

My ultimate desire and passion would be to help other people, and if I could create a virtual space that has the ability to be of use to others, I would be content.

Until then, hopefully this will be bearable.
Thanks for reading, and all the support you’ve shown through comments and feedback.



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