Why Conquering your Fear is the First Step to Defeating Frustration and Achieving Success

The right thoughts, in order to be heard and fully comprehended need to be concise and meaningful. ¬†Rambling on does not achieve this goal and it’s a habit of mine… I’m pretty sure. ūüėČ
I bring this up because there are times you meet someone that just absolutely seems like a “kindred spirit” – a like-minded, kind soul. ¬†And rule number one — you can’t go blabbing about whatever you want with no meaning or conciseness whatsoever unless you’re already out to lunch and hugging… right?

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How Our Dollars Shape Our Future

There have been times in my life that I feel like I’m keeping faith despite lacking¬†strong evidence in order to keep hope. I couldn’t be more happy that #GivingTuesday has been created and is taking off. Every year I’m still in disbelief that people are getting trampled, stabbed, and shot over a new game console or toy. We now have 5 days dedicated to spending as much as we possibly can with disregard to human life and the “actual” meaning of the holidays.¬† Continue reading “How Our Dollars Shape Our Future”

My Marketing Philosophy

I believe language is a beautiful thing, and by¬†wielding¬†its power properly, it opens doors to greater influence. ¬†Even the best people in the world aren’t going to make a difference if their message doesn’t get heard, interpreted accurately, or spread. ¬†Marketing is a tool that enables¬†anyone to be heard.
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The Short Version of #alexfromtarget Plot You’ve Been Waiting to Read

Disclaimer: There‚Äôs really no good reason you should care about this topic unless you care about what everyone else is talking about. Or‚Ķ you‚Äôre interested in social media virality.¬† Continue reading “The Short Version of #alexfromtarget Plot You’ve Been Waiting to Read”

How Mother Teresa Can Help your Marketing

This last week I have been consumed by brainstorming for a non-profit. When I was in grade school, we were assigned projects that usually involved some sort of craft or creative strategy. I always loved them and as soon as they were assigned I’d start raking materials together and strategizing different ways to bring them together into TBPE: The Best Project Ever. I want nothing less for this non-profit; in fact, I want more. I keep coming back to a life-changing TED talk – surprise! – by Dan Pallotta: “The Way We Think About Charities is Dead Wrong.” Continue reading “How Mother Teresa Can Help your Marketing”

Negativity and Water

I was talking with a friend last night and I asked why many people are so negative, why the human brain steers itself toward negativity and why society reinforces it. It’s acceptable and encouraged to verbally slaughter the person you just met, food you ate, movie you saw, or day you’re having – maybe just your life in general. The response he gave me was unexpected and brilliant: we need negativity in order to improve. Continue reading “Negativity and Water”

Vulnerability: Essential to Innovation (and Content Marketing)

Over-opinionated people are everywhere. The most frustrating part of their loudly-voiced beliefs can be the unwillingness to listen to a differing idea or worse, plain refusal to explore their own. And don’t we feel stonewalled when these people are leaders, authority figures, politicians, or businesses? Continue reading “Vulnerability: Essential to Innovation (and Content Marketing)”